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I started this business in 2001 with the intent to help anyone who wanted the best edging money can buy. The way I got there was researching what I could do for my own yard. I did not want plastic edging, because it is flimsy and everywhere I saw it the plastic was warped or cracked. I have tried the wood. As you know it rots, warps, shrinks and so on. The metal edging does not have enough heft, rusts and floats around.

The concrete edging defies all the problems the others have and not only works well as a edging product, but looks fantastic. We provide you with a choice of colors and designs. We can install it straight, curved or circular. We will lay out your beds or driveways and will offer our suggestions for a perfect installation.

From the beginning I will converse you with on line or on the telephone and consult with you about your lay-out, your choice of color, your style and finish. Whether you want it fancy or simple. My goal is for you to get the best edging there is and have it installed professionally with my own crew the way you want it.

You do not have to worry about us working around existing plantings or tearing up your grass. Our equipment is small and made for these conditions. We are very experienced in the this process as we have done it hundreds of times. Upon completion you will not notice that we have been there other than the fact you now have new concrete edging.

Please visit our main page by clicking the main heading above or the link I think you will find something there that interests you and please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions.

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Mike McLeod

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